Assessing the Damage


Tomorrow is the day my 2010 weight loss extravaganza begins. In true “fatty thinking” fashion, I’ve been putting off the aggressive start of my healthy eating and lifestyle change after I have first assessed the damage. By that I mean of course, that to me, my unabashed hand to mouth shoveling over the past two weeks hasn’t really counted because there was no weekly weigh-ins that held me accountable.

In August of 2009, after discovering (yes, I swear it just suddenly appeared) an ever widening girth, I decided to join Weight Watchers. I had an attempt at a low carb “shake” diet a few months before but only ended up putting on more weight, which I blame heavily on my fruit consumption. Such diets which essentially consist of sucking your food through a straw, restrict your fruit intake to two pieces a day. I on the other hand am one of those fatties who can chomp through two bananas and five apples a day whilst maintaining a look of angelic innocence- “What? It’s fruit!”

My Weight Watchers journey (oops, I said it again) up until now has been one of joy but also severe disappointment. As much as it includes a battle with diet and exercise, it’s as much a psychological battle of the bulge. On weeks that I have followed the program to a tee, I lose a measly 200 grams (0.44 pounds). On weeks that my C’est la vie attitude to the program results in a loss of 1.5 kilos (3.3 pounds), I am utterly confused. The result is a comically dangerous game of deception whereby I try to trick my body into thinking that a carrot is chocolate or famously destroying a Magnum ice cream in seconds to “make up my points” for the day.

“It’s simply a matter of burning more energy than consumed energy” they say. Oh no my dear, it is much more complicated than that!

So after patting myself on the back for last year’s achievements (10.5 kilos), I have to move onwards and upwards (or is that downwards?).

And so it begins….again!


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  1. Are you excited? 😀
    It’s so weird how the body works, isn’t it? Sometimes it just don’t want to lose anything, even though you’ve worked it in order to.

    If it truly was calories in – calories out we’d all be thin and ready to go now, wouldn’t we 😀

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