So That’s How It’s Done?


Oprah would be proud of me. For the past week I have been quietly espousing the virtues of moving to anyone who will listen but have disguised the lecture as a personal revelation, or “light bulb moment”. For those who weren’t glued to the box watching Oprah but pretending they didn’t know who she was in equal measures during their university days, the former refers to an epiphany whereby the owner of such thought realizes the error of their ways and continues on in their life in an enlightened fashion.

Not to say that I haven’t had a moment of dietary related enlightenment before. I’ve often faced the reality of food consumption and exercise and understood why my shape remains the same. But this week, I am flying high on the result of a 1.5 kilo (3.3 pound) loss that I am convinced is due to simply sweating.

For those of you who hate moving, like I do, take heed.  This is what I have learnt this week:


  • Go to a specialty shoe store and spend 300 dollars on those specially designed running shoes with the pretty pink stripe that you are convinced will make that bulging ankle look less like a strung ham and more like a feminine curve; you’ll wear them once, then use them as a door stop forever more
  • Purchase hundreds of dollars on a perfect sporting outfit that you believe will make you look less of a novice than you so obviously are; squeezing yourself into a Nike singlet isn’t fooling anyone
  • Buy an exercise machine and park it in the middle of your lounge room; I know, I understand, I truly do, but honey, you’ll stop using it after a month and will have to do the walk of shame as you move it to the garage in the dark of night


  • Think about an activity that you feel like or have to do that may raise even the slightest of perspiration, then do it
  • Clean something. Just get up and clean the bathroom, the kitchen, really put your back into it until you feel some moisture on your neck
  • Just walk somewhere that you have to be; no need for special clothes or shoes, just act normal, avoid eye contact, try to breathe and no one will notice this is a big deal for you!

Moving is normal, moving more than normal will break a sweat. I both cleaned and walked to a bookshop, the supermarket and to a coffee shop with my husband. I got out of each encounter with the pavement unscathed and realised that in fact, the world’s not out there to hurt a fat person trying to be a little more active. But if you get dolled up in all the sports gear, it’s embarrassing and it puts a lot of pressure on the fatty standing in them- I’ve got all the gear, should I hop or throw in a little leap somwhere? Perhaps I should be stretching?

I’ll admit, I’m paranoid about going to a gym, a yoga or palates class and have a general aversion to runners that I can’t explain. Moving however, can be done in thongs (my absolute favourite- it’s the Australian in me), slippers or no shoes at all. Just get a bit hot and sweaty!

Don’t worry about the slight whiff of B.O. : In the words of Kate Moss, “Nothing smells like skinny feels…”

I’m sure that’s what she said….


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  1. I had to read this twice. Thongs here are underwear! They used to refer to what one wears on their feet but not anymore. Those are flip-flops.

    I was very scared when I joined a gym. But that was years ago. Now I love it and work out much harder in a group class. But you are doing great to find little ways to sweat. Keep at it:)

    • Congrats on the revelation. I suck at exercise and being active. Laziness is a curse I live with daily. I hope to change that by using the rollerblades I bought for 5 bucks at a second hand shop. I like to rollerblade. I think I’m going to put your advice to work, I do however have to say that a Nike singlet sounds pretty sexay to me haha lol

    • Ha ha! I did think about the term “thong” when I wrote it but flip flops seems such a silly term down here. Either way, I love flip flops and often have a pair in my bag which can be pulled out at any moment. I’m even known to wear them in Winter although I realise that’s not very stylish…I’m working on that.

      People who go to the gym love it and I know that if I got into it I would probably love it too. I’ll stick with the gardening and walking for now. Gee, I sound ancient!

      What do you do at the gym?

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