Save Yourselves…Say Yes!


Twenty kilometers from where I live lays the Mecca of shopping in the southern hemisphere. A dreadful place; there lies all shopping experiences from Tiffany & Co., to discount Two Dollar Shops. Yesterday I had my sights set on Target.

I hadn’t been to Target for years, as I felt it had developed into being “too classy” for me (I only wish that was a joke). So after schlepping from the car park and choosing my items, I progressed to the checkout, where a very strange thing happened.

After the young assistant beep-beeped through my items she asked me if I would like to buy a bag. I actually heard myself thinking and the process was much like this: 

  • Oh no, I should buy a bag to look good and green.
  • Seriously, she’s guilting me into the eco-bag.
  • I have 15 of them at home already.
  • Can’t we just get a bag…ever?
  • If it’s so important she should just give me a green one.
  • Bugger this. I’m standing up for myself!

Now before you give me what for, yes I understand that plastic bags are bad for the environment. Yes, I appreciate I shouldn’t under any circumstances condone the use of them. And seeing as you asked, yes I do take my green bags to the supermarket and am more than happy to carry a few items without any bag at all.

But for some reason, yesterday I took exception to the general consensus that if at any time I’m offered, I should fork out another few dollars for an eco-bag. And if said store has biodegradable plastic bags, don’t you dare charge me! You’re a major corporation; you can pick up the bill thank you very much!

“Actually, No.” I replied firmly.

“Groovy!” cashier chirped. Really? Groovy?

Having paid, we had a slight stare-off. It was only when she gently pushed my items towards me that I realized with shock-horror that I was not being supplied a bag of any description, free of charge.

Too stubborn and embarrassed to do anything else, I took underwear, socks, stockings, t-shirts and even a pair of size 12 men’s dessert boots under my arm and started the schlep back to where I had come from, which I swear was at least a kilometer away.

So for the sake of the earth, your dignity, pride, and just so you don’t have to flap your size 18 knickers around for the world to see…

Just buy the damn bag!


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  1. Well my Target still provides plastic bags! They are the perfect size for lining my bathroom trashcan:) I do use the green bags at the grocery store but wish the sackers did not feel a need to fill them so much. they get heavy! I have three of them with me now on vacation, perfect for packing stuff… mostly food, I admit.

    • It’s a difficult concept for all of us to get out head around- how do you maintain good practice but use the convenience of plastic when the need may arise.

      My friend would argue that under no circumstancesshould one use plastic. I agree but if it means flapping my giant knockers around, I may think twice!

  2. Baha oh no, one of those stores! (please forgive my laughter, you paint such vivid pictures in my head!)
    I will buy the bag next time 🙂

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