Why, Oh Why?


Whilst society tends to take a “poor them” approach when faced with emotionally torn people who hit the bottle or indeed the town when distressed, a less empathetic opinion is formed for those that hit the pantry.

In my house, we (and I mean “he”) has fallen into the habit of going walkabout on a Saturday afternoon, returnng guilty faced sometime before dinner on a Sunday. Even though it would be easy for me to go down the “A phone call is all I ask” track, I’m not that predictable.

Or maybe I am? 

I found myself consuming a bag of salt and vinegar chips (bought for his truly), half a block of chocolate and a litre of soda water (at least I had sense there) at 2 am this morning. In a slight panic based on ‘I can’t sleep’, ‘Someone might break in and kill me’ and the classic, ‘Do we have anything in common after all?’, I habitually and slowly consumed more calories than I normally would in a few days.

And for someone who has worked so hard to lose an initial 15 and a half kilos (34 pounds), I felt the shame of a self-inflicted giant leap back. So even if the distasteful image of a fat girl stuffing her face lingers in your mind, I ask you to think about what you do in time of trouble. Be honest.

But just quietly, if memories of hitting the gym for hours come to mind…no need to comment here.


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  1. how frustrating… sigh. we turn to food… we all do. those chips and chocolate won’t make you gain weight the next day, remember that. you are a great, capable gal who can do anything! stay strong. sending you positivity.

    • Guess what Jocey?? I lost 1.1 kilos this week – you were right, all the good things I did for myself last week meant that the one “binge” I had meant nothing.

      Maybe that positivity worked!


  2. I think we have all been there. And if there was an easy solution we wouldn’t all be HERE! The classic response is to put it behind you and move on, but that is easier said than done. But I will say, don’t do what I always did and let one day become two become 10 and so on. Back on the wagon asap! Hugs.

    • You are so right; one day can become 365!

      Luckily, I weigh in at Weight Watchers once a week which means that I can always get a fresh start on a Thursday…for me, one day can only turn into seven.


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