Some Conversations Hit Hard


I went to see my beloved great aunt today in hospital and was struck with severe nostalgia and love for her that resulted in a new feeling of determination to reach goal weight.

As we shared stories of childhood, I remembered that there was a time when I was loved by one woman, in a way that left me incapable of being unhappy for the days I was with her. I was much loved as a child by many people, but my aunt was free from paternal obligations to discipline, correct or explain which meant that time spent together was full of fun, ice cream and games of Uno.

Suddenly today, I was aware of being a little girl again, looking on at my younger self if you like. Through this I realised that I have a true contract with that girl which I need to honour. It might sound corny or trite to some, it even does to me but I would never commit a child to a life of obesity and unhappiness, so why would I do it to myself.

What do you accept in your life that you wouldn’t accept for another? What would you do for your own child but would never do for yourself? Think about it for just a second, please.

You never know what little treasures can come your way in the course of a day…

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    • It is thought provoking! I have been a fan of “child work” for some time as the meditations you can practice always reveal some interesting things.

      It can sound a little airey fairy but over time I have read more and come to understand it as a valuable practice. I have never had it come to me spontaneously though…

      Actually thinking about what you will accept for yourself that you would not accept in others can be quite upsetting if you give it some time.

      Would be very interested in what it does for you??

      X Hauling

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