Back to Basics


I finally made it back to my weight loss meeting today after a fairly significant hiatus from the fat fight fighting ra-ra group. It served me well as I was able to confirm what I had been wondering for a few days; that I lost some weight over Christmas.

The suspicion gained some serious momentum two days ago when I pulled out a pair of pants, put them on and realised they actually fit me. I was sure they were a struggle to zip up, weren’t they? I won’t bore you with the details of the full two hours that ensued as I pulled out all my remaining clothes (of which there aren’t many due to my recent anti-terrorism antics), trying on each piece to check that the black pants hadn’t fooled me.

As it turns out, my recent activity ordering my house and as it seems, my mind, have paid off. The scales showed a 5.1kg loss today (11.2 pounds) and of course I feel good. Finally! My 35kg, two year project, is now just 9kg within reach.

The toolman and I are off for a month to walk some walks, camp some camps and boil some billy tea. It’s a trip that’s been 8 years in the making and unfortunate circumstances work-wise have given rise to a great opportunity to finally go.

And in trying incredibly hard to get “back to basics”, I’m becoming genuinely intrigued by the benefits it seems to be having already.

I could come back bug bitten and crabby but for the first time in a long time, I can see some light.

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