This blog started as an attempt in 2010 to share with others and to keep myself accountable on a 12 step plan of weight loss and hottie redemption. I’m a 27 year old woman, too young to be wobbling all over the place.

As part of the new me, I had planned with this blog to start a life of “all things new”. No resolutions set up to fail, no “I must”, just a plan for a new life that started with the pounds shedding. I did lose some pounds and I gained a few, and then I threw out all my clothes, quit my job and fell pregnant. That is where this blog left off.

This used to be all about weight loss. My life used to be about weight loss. Now it’s about my daughter and I (and the Toolman too). So here you’ll find all things related to both. No doubt there may be additional rantings of a different nature, which may or may not be about mental health, which may or may not be interteresting.

Here’s to 2012 and lacy knickers…

p.s I make no apologies for spelling and grammatical errors  to the pedant living in us all (particularly the toolman).

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  1. Enjoyed your blog! I totally agree with no resolutions just changing life plans. I always found that resolutions were easily broken, and then some how we trick ourselves into thinking ” Oops! fell of the resolution wagon so can’t do that one this year.” Thanks for the input on my blog by the way. Going to fix the paragraphs today. I too plan to write my blog as my mood suits me and how it comes out is how it is. I want my blog to be as natural as possible. I also am trying to lose some weight. Good luck to you and i will drop back by. Starting an FB page for my blog, have you?

    • Thanks for having a look at my page! I think we can join forces and together reach our goals for 2010!

      I haven’t started a FB page as I am totally new to this blogging thing…maybe one day..

      Look forwards to reading you soon.

  2. Hey Hauling Uphill! I just read a few of your posts and I’m loving it so far. Its like you say what’s on all our minds but do a much better job of it with a pinch of humor! 😀 I’m definitely coming back here and hopefully we can support each other in this journey! 🙂

  3. Hey there! I’m glad we’re after the same things in life, lets definitely encourage eachother!! I’m adding you to my blogroll so I can see your progress and positiveness! Good luck with your journey! 🙂

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